Words and Music by Beth Wheeler
(Inspired by the Antryg Windrose novels by Barbara Hambly)

	 			 Em        D         Em
				Windrose, Windrose, Windrose
				 Em         D              Em
				Paint me a map to find my road
				 D                         Em
				Show me the pathway to my soul
				 D                         Em     D      Em
				Changing direction of the corners of my heart

G D Em D Windrose, Windrose, east wind blowing
Em D Am I mad? Or am I sane? Am G Memories lie behind these scars Em D Love all twisted, Void without Em G No greater than the void within G Am But like may call to like, 'tis said D Em Perhaps this is the reason why Em D I feel the space between the worlds Em Am Em The same space lies in me
Windrose, Windrose, south wind blowing
Are these shackles not my own? Have I given up my life Only for a moment's peace? Yet even now, within my mind I carry him who formed my power Not even death, nor silent tower Can silence him who echoes still Behind my twisted life
CHORUS Windrose, Windrose, west wind blowing
They say that I have broken faith By madness driven to the breach And so I see my madness clear If none around me can be sane Then I, who see the truth unveiled With none beside me, still must act My own bare sight my only guide And so I am alone
CHORUS Windrose, Windrose, north wind blowing
I only want to live my life With her I love, no burden laid But deep the power's call in me And tangled are the skeins which bind My magic, love and inner fire The call cannot be put to rest It rises from the windrose stem The compass of my life
Windrose, Windrose, gale wind blowing Compass it within my life


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