The Thread That Binds the Bones
Words and Music by Beth Hudson Wheeler
Inspired by The Thread That Binds the Bones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

				  Am       G         D        Am
				Seale and Bolte and Locke and Keye
				   Am     G       Em     Am
				Guardians of the sacred Powers
				  C        G         D       Am
				Learn what we would have you be
				 Am       G       D       E
				Hold on tight to what is ours

				 Am        G         Em      Am
				Light and dark must balance fair
				     Am    G        Em         D    
				The Presences will guide your way
				 Am    G        D    Am
				Never falter, never dare
				      Am     G     Em     Am
				Tradition's wisdom to gainsay

					     C                  D
					This is our charge and burden
					     C               Em
					The task that power hones
					    G                 Am
					To maintain safe and certain						
					     Em          Am        Em
					The thread that binds the bones

				Fire and water, air and earth
				Signs of elemental might
				Guide you ever from your birth
				Reveal mysteries to your sight

				Disciplines of help and harm
				Preserved from the ancient days
				Taught to you in spell and charm
				Will keep our venerated ways

					This is the path we follow
					As ships led by lodestones
					We shelter in the Hollow
					The thread that binds the bones

				Bolte and Keye and Locke and Seale
				Guardians you will always be
				Learn what wisdom will reveal
				Open up your eyes to see

				For as gifted as our kind
				May be, we know that it is just
				The thread we safeguard will unwind
				If we forget our sacred trust

					Remember not to misuse
					The power Nature owns
					To honor life, we must choose
					The thread that binds the bones

					We all have something to lose
					The thread that binds the bones


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