Remember Khitomer
Words by Andy Wheeler
tune -- ? (your guess is as good as mine)

				Well sit back, son, let me tell a tale
				Of days gone by and of blood grown pale
				Of warriors' creed and a traitor's bale
				Let me spin the tale of Khitomer.

Now in those days the men were men Women were women and hens were hens Birds were birds, well you get the idea When life was good at Khitomer.
Khitomer, Khitomer We'll face them here at Khitomer Those treacherous foes with the pointy ears Crash and burn on Khitomer.
Now in our day a true Klingon Wouldn't be caught dead with a Romulan We'd rather be drinking with the Federation But not in the days of Khitomer.
The Romulans once were on our side In the days before the great divide The cloaking device and a new warp drive Technology swaps on Khitomer.
Khitomer, Khitomer We'll meet them here at Khitomer A Bird of Prey full of Romulan Ale Party tonight on Khitomer!
Starfleet said we could end the game Of hostile acts and calling of names Let's get together with some beer and dames Let the peace talks start on Khitomer.
When the Romulans heard news of this Well, one could say they were mighty pissed "Those spineless fool," the High Command hissed "We'll kick their ass at Khitomer!"
"Khitomer, Khitomer We'll head them off at Khitomer!" Those dark-haired freaks with the pointy ears Attacked us here at Khitomer!
The Romulans sent 10 Birds of Prey With a thousand troops in each cargo bay But even plasma bolts to their dismay Couldn't break through the shields at Khitomer.
Now those on the surface were brave and strong But could be no match for the Romulans And they knew their supplies couldn't last very long Keep raised the shields at Khitomer!
Khitomer, Khitomer There's help on the way for Khitomer Starfleet has sent the Enterprise C To come to the aid of Khitomer!
There's many ways to honor a man Who bravely dies at the enemy's hand A warrior knows when to take a stand Which led to the fall of Khitomer.
There's so many ways the story gets told Some say the shields were just worn and old But there's some who say it was a Dur-ass hole Who dropped the shields at Khitomer.
Khitomer, Khitomer It was a bloody scene at Khitomer Those bloody devils with the pointy ears It was a massacre at Khitomer.
Khitomer, Khitomer Our battle cry is Khitomer! When we have our sights on Romulan scum We will shout, "Remember Khitomer!"
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