King Gwyddno's Lament
Words and Music by Beth Wheeler
Based on the Welsh legend of the drowned cantrev

			 G              D      G            C 
			Hold back the ocean, hold back the sea
			 G              D7                            G
			Hold back the whitecaps which fight to break free
			 G            D          Em            C
			Build up the sea walls, build them up high
			 G            D                      G
			Keep all the lowlands protected and dry
			       Em             D           Em          A
			These walls are our fortress against nature's siege
			         Em                           A             D
			For our homes and our lives, we must tend them and keep them
			 G              D    Em          C
			Hold back the ocean, if mortals can
			 G           D                             G
			Hold to our homes, and our lives, and our land

G D G C Find me a guardian to watch o'er the wall G D7 G Find me a keeper to answer my call G D Em C Choose me a brave man, choose me a true Em D G Choose me a man who will watch the night through Em D Dm A When the feasting is done, then the false guardian sleeps Em Am D With a tankard in hand, and a smile so peaceful Em D Em Am Wake up the lowlands, sound the alarm! Em D B7 Em Keep all my people in safety from harm
Em D Em Am See the clouds gather, hear the storm break Em D B7 Em Watch for the walls to tremble and quake Em D Em Am Flee from the ocean, fly to the hills Em D B7 Em As the walls shatter, as cruel sea spills Em D Em A Now my people are exiled, or scattered afar Em A D And the whole of my land is a single salmon weir G D Em C Weep for the drowned land, never to rise G D B7 Em Weep for our homeland which under the sea lies


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