This is a song I wrote from an adventure of our gaming group. It's a little bit incoherent, since it refers to specific events and people, but I rather like it, so here it is.

Jae-Jae and the Demon
Words and Music by Beth Wheeler

			 	      Em             D    Em
	 			There was a bard in Kaelennar
			  	Em                A    Em 
				(Green leaves will fall away)
				     D               A       Em
				She wandered widely near and far
				      Em                   A     B7
				(And green will bring the end of day)

In war, when things were getting worse (Green leaves, etc.) In ice she encased the demon horse (And green, etc.)
King Talisman ennobled her For being strong and brave and sure
She gave her aid the trees to find Which once the dragon Shorr did bind
And stopping in a little inn She found a minstrel there within
The minstrel heard a call at night And Green Jack called him from firelight
Dame Jae-Jae tried to take him home But found instead to Jack she'd flown
Green Jack tried Jae-Jae to entice To turn her virtue into vice
But Jae-Jae on the gods did call To bring about the Green Jack's fall
And now she wanders ever more Righting wrongs as bard to Shorr
But whenever Green Jack should arise (Green leaves will fall away) Jae-Jae will thwart the Lord of Lies (And green will fade before the day...)


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