(Words and Music by Beth Wheeler)
Inspired by a reference in Judith Tarr's Alamut and The Dagger and the Cross

C G F Em Within the wood, amidst the trees Am C G Beloved one, you rode at dawn Am C F E My heart fell victim to your face Am C G So young, so fair against the morn. Am C F C I came to you in mortal mask Am C E A spirit formed of wind and flame Am G F Em And bore you children for your house Am C G Am Your royal lineage to claim. C G F Am Immortal bird in jesses caught C G F Em While passion wars with freedom’s lure Am G F E Still yearning for that tangled wood Am C F Em Am Must power’s blood or love abjure. I followed you into the world Though magic bled from me like grief Became your queen in songbird dress And shared your mortal moments brief. And though I loved our children three Our youngest daughter, worldly fair I bore my twin sons with my own Enchanted eyes and midnight hair. Immortal bird in jesses snared Tethered to her perch of stone Dreams her dreams of verdant power Mated, singing, yet alone. Through those years as queen and wife My magic tombed in earthen guise That spellbound wood yet called to me And green leaves bloomed behind my eyes. Denied in power, place, and sight My heart broke free and burst the cage And taking wing, I blew away From mortal care and human age. Immortal bird from jesses loosed Still timelessly awaits the day When clad as sons, my love returns And mortal memories fade away.


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