Words and Music by Beth Hudson Wheeler
Inspired by The Sorceress and the Cygnet by Patricia McKillip

C D G C Children dance in a ring of song C D G C Chanting rhymes to the stars above C D G C You and I will always belong C D C D Close to the simple things we love Em D C D But legend comes shining into day Em D C D Falling brilliant from the sky G D C Em What is too heavy a price to pay? C D C D What lies under the Cygnet’s eye? Birds that burn in a house of dreams Mirrors show what lies within Naught is ever as it seems What must I release to win? Free the King from his chains of gold Loose the Weaver’s ancient thread Free the Dancer from the cold Cede the Warlock’s star of red Em D C Em And the black swans still fly on Em D C D Winging dark into the dawn Tangled web of power and time Gathered here from out of night Conjured by a smallfolk rhyme Shadowing the Cygnet’s flight What I know I never learned Chosen guardian from the start Destiny can yet be turned How can I find the Cygnet’s heart?


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